Probable Traffic solutions for Dhaka city

dhaka traffic jam with lots of slow-moving-vehicles such as rickshaws2011, Dhaka has now become one of the busiest cities around the world in terms of traffic jam. 5 years back, it was not as horrible as it is now and also it is also true, 5 years from now on, only God knows how the looks of the roads and streets of our beloved Dhaka city will be like. However, if no measures are taken shortly it is for damn sure that we will face the nightmare of traffic congestion. We have to admit that we have lots of limitations — the first being that unlike our population and ever-increasing accommodation projects building up, we do have a fixed area of city to dwell in. Many probable solutions have been thought of, however, due to other limitations we are unable to come up with definitive permanent solutions to this humongous problem. Efficient transportation is the key to any progress and development of a country for various reasons. I am not going to elaborate them since it is very well-known to all of you there. So, the main point is that we, the people have to come together rather than waiting on the Government to fix the problem for us. To make yourself understand the reason we have to do it is that, for instance, when a robber/ terrorist attack your house, you definitely will first try to save yourself and your family members from getting killed, during this time, your expectation that the police will come and save you and that you will not do anything is nothing but a plain matter of ridicules. So, instead of waiting on for the government to act, why not change your own fate and if the help comes to you then that’s a bonus… 🙂

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Solar energy prospects in Bangladesh

Solar Panel installed on a post for household use of electricity in a rural area of Bangladesh

Solar Panel installed on a post for household use of electricity in a rural area of Bangladesh

The prospects of solar energy implementation in Bangladesh are undoubtedly very good. We all are very much aware of the fact that Bangladesh is indeed in need of electricity, one without which a country is definite to be left behind in the 21st century. At present, world is well-known of the fact of the need of reducing fossil fuels and other sources of limited energy and also is trying to best utilize what nature is affluent with its elements such as solar energy, wind, water etc. Therefore, we should not and cannot neglect using renewable resources to generate our much needed electricity.
As Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh is the cornerstone of business and economy and since it is the most densely populated city in the country, it is the city that suffers the most in the context of electricity. However, where there are problems the solution often lies within. And the reason I say this is because the buildings that we have in the city are flat toped and most of the time it is not used for any useful purposes. So, if the government of Bangladesh imposes each and every owner of the buildings to have solar panels on their roof-tops and make this a compulsory act, then a lot of the demand for electricity off the national grid will be reduced. In addition, the initial(one time) setup costs can be collected from the renters of the houses and government should accommodate other facilities to the owner since they are doing it such as reducing income taxes, paying incentives etc.
Here is a link that Japan is planning to make all of the buildings to be equipped with solar panels by the year 2030:
Another option, we have in our country is to make the road solar panel paved roadways, since much of the year the city roads are open to the immense heat of the Sun and thus, are very good candidates for solar panels.
To see how click on this link:
Also, steps need to be taken as soon as possible to create and assemble solar panels in home rather than importing these and thus, made these available to all sorts of people.
Wish in near future Bangladesh will be independent country in a sense of not depending for foreign aids for this and that, and flourish as a developed country where there would be no suffering at least for electricity.
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Geothermal Energy: A need in Bangladesh

go green with geothermal energy

click the image to see how geothermal energy works

Bangladesh is in dire need of electricity; first to cope up with its population demand of electricity and at large, to boost up her overall economic condition. To meet the challenges thrown by the rest of the developed world, and to be able to stay abreast with 21st century’s utter requirement– Bangladesh must seek and implement solutions to this specific problem as soon as possible and by inheriting the best feasible means of producing electricity.

There is a whole array of possible solutions to it; however, not all are the optimum solutions from the prospect of Bangladesh and its present economic condition. At present, steps taken by the government is worth of getting appraisal, however, government alone can do a little, and participation from Public Private Partnership(PPP) is of much necessity.

World-wide now, there is a beginning of new era and that is to use the sources that is in abundance, offered by our nature for free i.e. renewable energies such as solar power, wind power, Hydro power just to name a few out there.

The link below, however, is provided as a possible cheap, Eco-friendly green source of energy that can be used to generate our much more needed elements in modern life and that is “ELECTRICITY”.

Click on the link here to download and read about it at your leisure time :

Link:  Geothermal Energy

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